Northern Tech Awards 2012


Having pioneered the ecosystem for Tech Entrepreneurs and Tech Companies in the North of England in 2006, Techcelerate held the first ever Northern Tech Awards on 23rd March 2011 to recognise top northern tech entrepreneurs.

Setting up and nurturing a tech company is not for the faint hearted, long working hours, financial burden, often at the cost of family and health, means an uphill battle for most. It is Techcelerate’s belief that recognition and celebration of tech entrepreneurship should not only arrive at the point of exit, but during the uphill journey.

Northern Tech Awards was launched to recognise and celebrate the achievements of Tech Companies at an annual Gala Dinner. For the second year running, the Awards Dinner will take place at Lowry Hotel Manchester.

Northern Tech Awards 2012 was held on 29th March 2012 at the Lowry Hotel, Manchester and was attended by 110 tech entrepreneurs, investors and deal makers. The Awards received 41 applications for 9 categories. 21 companies were selected as finalists. The keynote speech was delivered by Jon Bradford on building tech ecosystems.

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  • ERDF
  • Crowe Clark Whitehall
  • Aaron & Partners
  • Fourth Day



  • Jon Bradford – CEO of Springboard
  • Kevin Farrar – IBM
  • David Atherton – Founder and ex-CEO
  • Chris Allen – co-founder and ex-CEO


1. Best Bootstrapped Tech Startup 2012


2. Best Venture Backed Tech Startup 2012

  • Winner: Camiloo (CEO, Mark Newby)
  • Commendable: ScraperWiki (CEO, Francis Irving) and (CEO, Richard Francis)


3. Best ecommerce Tech Company 2012

  • Winner: Love Your Larder (CEO, Tristan Watson)
  • Commendable: Pay Yours (CEO, Matthew Sanderson) and One Iota (CEO, Damian Hanson)


4. Best Enterprise Tech Company 2012

  • Winner: My Yard (CEO, Geetha Chandra)
  • Commendable: Malinko (CEO, Andrew Threlfall) and Construqtive (CEO, Thomas Salvini)


5. Best Mobile Tech Company 2012

  • Winner: Apadmi (CEO, Garry Partington)
  • Commendable: iAccident (CEO, Roland Maguire) and 3 Squared (CEO, James Fox)

6. Best Consumer Tech Company 2012


7. Most innovative Tech Company 2012

  • Winner: Construqtive (CEO, Thomas Salvini)
  • Commendable: ITS Technologies (CEO, John Bookless), Charity Engine (CEO, Mark McAndrew) and 3 Squared (CEO, James Fox)

8. Fastest Growing Tech Company 2012

  • Winner: Apadmi (CEO, Garry Partington)
  • Commendable: ITS Technologies (CEO, John Bookless) and 3 Squared (CEO, James Fox)

9. Best Tech Deal 2012


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