David Rowan


David Rowan

David Rowan, editor WIRED UK

David Rowan is editor of WIRED UK, the technology and trends magazine covering online brands, gadgets and the culture that surrounds them.

David has reported on technology for The Times and Channel 4 News, the latter requiring him to illustrate the new iPod Video from the set of a porn shoot. He’s also written for The Sunday Times and Telegraph Magazines, and edited the Guardian’s on-line content.

David has curated an exhibition of British creative talent at the Government’s Cabinet Forum conference. He has also addressed the TEDs, and frequently contributes on Newsnight and the Today programme. He also writes a monthly column for GQ.

David is in touch with many of the world’s leading trendsetters and spotters. In presentations he looks at how the net is disrupting almost every sector, how apps change consumer behaviour and why ‘social commerce’ is killing traditional marketing. He reveals the ten trends that will change your market in the next decade – and what you should be doing now to protect yourself.