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Tim Jones

Tim Jones

CIO of MoneySuperMarket Group

An Internet technology veteran at the age of 44 and CIO of Moneysupermarket Group PLC since 2013.

A winner of the Insurance Times CIO of the Year in 2014 in his first year in the Industry, Tim is responsible for the transformation of the Moneysupermarket Group into a leading platform and data company, delivering innovation in consumer digital products for the insurance, financial services, energy, telecoms and travel verticals.


In addition to leading product engineering at the group that comprises brands such as, TravelSupermarket and MoneySavingExpert, Tim also takes a wider business role in the company, responsible for the launches of new business propositions native to mobile devices such as MoreMoney, helping the group save UK households £1.6B annually.


Prior to joining MoneySupermarket, Tim was co-founder of AutoTrader UK, the internet media giant that shared its brand with the various regional and international magazines of the same name. Now valued at over £4B and amongst the growing pack of northern tech lead organisations valued at £1B+ such as AO, Skyscanner and of course


Tim is proud to call himself a Tech Northerner and delighted to be part of these awards that celebrates the achievements of our talented technologists and their companies.